“Premium coffee should be black as the devil…hot as hell…pure as an angel…and sweet as love”. Whenever you sip your coffee, it’s a drink from paradise, which has always fascinated people and causes them to deeply fall in love with its taste and aroma; drinking coffee also helps build up friendship all over the world. Black Canyon (Thailand) Company., Limited. was established in 1993 to operate specialty coffee houses, serving to its customers international and Thai food dishes and specialty coffee drinks of the highest quality.

         The ‘vision’ of the Company is to be a leading Thai-owned specialty coffee and food retail business in the Asia Region – through developing its business, sustaining both the quality as well as good value of its services and menu offerings to its customers, and also through maintaining solid relationships with its business partners, the local community in which it operates and with all the stakeholders within the Black Canyon organization.

         Black Canyon owns and operates some branches directly in Thailand; while other outlets (in Thailand and overseas markets) are owned and operated by selected franchisees. Therefore “Black Canyon” is the first Thai-owned specialty coffee retail business that has been pioneered by Thais and has been recognized as a business legend.

         Today, “Black Canyon” has expanded its business operations, and is located in shopping malls, hospitals, universities, gas stations, convention centers and many airports throughout the country.

         In addition, Black Canyon has expanded its branches into key overseas markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines.

         Our most-well known menu offers are our high quality specialty coffee drinks with its premium taste. With its high quality and excellent production process together with strict quality control, innovative menu offerings and high standards of service, “Black Canyon” has been able to maintain the loyalty of coffee lovers’ for a long, long time.

         “Black Canyon” finely selects quality coffee beans from the Agricultural Projects under Royal Patronage and combines them with those imported from coffee-producing sources all over the world.

         The roasted coffee beans are then brewed in espresso machines imported from Italy, so as to keep their taste and standards, which is the uniqueness of the Black Canyon coffee.

         Premium specialty coffee drinks served at “Black Canyon” include espresso, cappuccino, and mocha, as well as chocolate drinks imported from Europe quality Matcha green tea from Japan, together with Thai tea and fruit juices.

         With its unique culinary expertise, “Black Canyon” also offers an extensive food menu, which includes Western dishes - such as soups, salads, steak, sandwiches and pasta dishes.

         The menu offerings also include local and oriental favorites like fried rice and noodles as well as Thai specialties - Tom Yum Kung from a Thailand champion recipe, Pad-Thai from a World champion recipe, together with chicken green curry and spicy salads.

         Additionally, there is a combination between Oriental and Western cuisine - known as Fusion Food - such as fusilli noodles in a tom yum soup.

         Black Canyon also offers a variety of bakery products and ‘Gelatoni’ Italian ice cream for the health conscious.

         Operating under its high standards, “Black Canyon” freshly prepares every dish, and focuses on great taste, cleanliness and benefits to consumer's health.

         Black Canyon uses high quality pasta imported from Italy; and also offers healthy food menus - such as salmon dishes which are full of protein, vitamins and Omega 3, as well as selected clean and safe hydroponically–grown vegetables.

         “Black Canyon” is determined to bring ‘delight’ to all its customers; and focuses on being completely service-minded. Every staff member places emphasis on the quality of every cup of coffee and dish served as well as the service quality at its restaurants or through its catering delivery services.

         The great success of “Black Canyon” has been achieved both within its organization and at the national level.

         Additionally, Black Canyon supports its baristas and chefs by providing them with opportunities to participate in many competitions.

         And, they have achieved several awards in both national and international competitions – with these achievements being absolute indications of the high quality standards of Black Canyon.

         “Black Canyon” is continually managing its marketing activities through emphasizing and returning overall benefits to the society, so as to support the strengthening of Thai society as a whole.

         “Black Canyon” is determined to maintain its being position in the leading high quality specialty coffee and international Thai food retail services business.

         Starting from the first cup of coffee it served in 1993, “Black canyon” has since served million cups of coffee to both Thai and foreign customers. This guarantees that “Black Canyon”, a strong and leading Thai-owned brand, has moved towards being more international through its determination to continue to always serve premium specialty coffee and superb food dishes to its customers.

Black Canyon A Taste from Paradise…available on Earth